Kristy Byers

Kristy Byers

Monday, May 19, 2014

About 18 months ago, I joined an on-line community called (in)courage.

I’m not sure how I found them or how I actually got involved.  I just know that I did and that I am so glad that I did.  At first, I just received their blogs by email.  Now, you may know, I am a bad blogger.  I completely envy those who can seem to accomplish this task with ease and grace.  To be honest, after reading their blogs, I know that there is nothing easy about accomplishing this task and that it is only because of God’s grace that they (or we or I) ever get anything worthwhile done.  Being part of this community has been a wonderful experience. 

Last year I was an “emergency host” for their (in)Real Life Conference and this year I was a “real” host.  (I guess if I were to stick with the theme, I would be an (in)Real Host.)  I so enjoyed hearing the stories from the keynote leaders and from the ladies that attended this year’s retreat at my host site.

I also have done the (in)Bloom Book club and two sessions ago joined a community group for single women.  What an amazing and unexpected blessing these ladies have become to me.  That group has done a book study and a “single” topics study.   But I found a safe, encouraging, joyful, community of women that love to laugh and cry with each other no matter how far across the globe. 

I am supper excited to be leading a community group for the summer session of 2014.  I can’t wait.  My co-leader is Michelle Krajecki and you are going to love her.  Our group is called (in)Word.  (See I can stick with a theme.)

(in)Word is a group for women who love words.  A group for women who love The Word and love the words that make up other’s story.  The word “inward” means in the mind or soul; mentally or spiritually. This group will be reading a book that help us look inward so that we can make a difference in our outward world.  For the summer session 2014 the (in)Word group will be looking at the words of Holley Gerth in her book “You’re Already Amazing”.

Registration for these groups begins today.  

Michelle and I would love to have you join us.  So click on this link and register today.


  1. What a great group name and topic to be studying! I love ALL. THE. WORDS. So I'd love to join your group. Of course if I joined all the groups I want to, I'd be in all of them! Blessings on your leadership and the way your group will grow and bond and encourage one another!

  2. Thanks Holly. I am so looking forward to it.