Kristy Byers

Kristy Byers

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Confessions of a Bad Blogger

I am a bad blogger.  I have been to blogging seminars and they have taught me the importance of blogging on a regular basis.  Twice a year on random dates is not what they have in mind.  So I have decided to be more faithful to this, if nothing else but for my own creative purposes.  I have one person subscribed to this blog and no comments.  It’s okay! 

Sadly this post is about my 2013 goals.  Well, at least 2013 is not over yet.  I actually, I thought that last year was a pretty good year until I went to my eye doctor last December.  She asked me about my year and I told her about surgery, being sick ½ of last year, a few family things and she said to me “my goodness, you have had a rough year.”  I thought “compared to the previous five, this year was a walk in the park”.  Her comment took me by surprise.

I guess everything in life is a matter of perspective…where you’re coming from, where you’ve been and where you’re going.  2013 didn’t start to well either; I had EVERY bug and was basically sick for the first two and a half months, but thankful that wasn’t as serious as last year. 

My goals for this year haven’t changed much. #3 is new and #2 is updated.  (Sometimes a good list is a just a good list.) So here they are:

10.          Walk four times a week-(Apparently I forgot about this one so far.)

9.            Prayer Art- (basically a creative prayer party with friends.)

8.            A.R.K.-Acts of Random Kindness (anyone know what movie this is from?)

7.            Laugh More- (Duh?)

6.            No clothes on floor (I am so good at this now.  I hate to bend over and pick stuff up.)

5.            Spend time with friends. (Have done more of this.)

4.            Spend time with God in creative ways. (Been doing more of this as well. But that is                   a different blog post.)

3.            JOY- (It’s my word this year.)

2.            Finish 1 of the 14 Beth Moore Bible Studies I started.  (Last year it was one of 15.                (I  am only 2 days away from finishing one of the original 15 so I am counting it.)

1.              Praise Him Anyway

To be honest, this blog is for me, as a reminder.  A confession of a bad blogger.
See---I am laughing more!

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